Let yourself be tempted by the abundant flavors

Here you can enjoy a good meal with a view of the sea. We serve lunch and dinner to those who come by, and to those who have office space with us.

Kantinelunsj i restaurant Horisont

Lunch & dinner

The canteen is open for those who rent an office or meeting room between 11:30 and 12:15.  Hot dishes are served on Tuesdays and Thursdays.



All evening at Horisont

If you’re going to have a crew meeting, management meeting, kick-off, meeting with friends, celebrating a birthday, or simply gathering good friends – then we have the ideal premises. We are located on the quayside, in the middle of the ship berth, with an interior that provides a warm and cozy atmosphere. A fantastic sound system provides the music you want, as well as a screen and projector for lectures and picture shows. Menu can be tailored, just get in touch.

Table reservation

If you want to reserve a table, you can send us a request via the form below or contact us by e-mail eller telephone 700 80 700.

    Local and personal

    At Horisont restaurant you will find the young local chef Niklas Werner, who lives just 5 minutes’ drive away from his own kitchen. After a short time in the welding profession, he attended the culinary course at Herøy High School, and then he discovered his passion for cooking at the Skotholmen restaurant. The adrenaline and the high activity that is often present in a good kitchen captivated him and the career choice was made.

    Niklas thinks it is exciting to be able to help develop Horisont, and we as owners and operators are proud of this local talented young chef.

    The food you are served is personal. It can be both simple and complex, but it is always home-made and from the highest quality ingredients – as local as possible. Niklas likes people and is easy to talk to – and he looks forward to welcoming you to Horisont soon. The menu is crafted to cater for the local culture, and is intended to appeal to all age groups. The house signature dish is the white bacalao,  that Niklas creates with paprika and chorizo sausages. His Grandmother and the Valldal strawberries are the source of inspiration for Niklas’ signature dessert.

    Chambre séparée

    Out with work or celebrating someone in a private party? We have chambre séparée with room for up to 18 guests.

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